101 Sportbike Performance Projects (Motorbooks MW187)


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101 Sportbike Performance Projects

Following a similar progression, 101 Sportbike Performance Projects begins with the most basic maintenance projects and continues through major modifications, helping riders of almost any level of mechanical ability plan and carry out a wide variety of performance enhancements to their bikes—be they street riders, track riders, or drag racers. The book’s structure groups the projects into the various systems on a motorcycle. Each section begins with easier projects before moving on to more challenging modifications. For example, the suspension section begins with how to measure and set a bike’s sag. By the end of the chapter, readers will know how to rebuild a shock and alter its shim stacks.

Each project starts with a table containing an estimate of how long the modification will take, the tools required, and the mechanical experience necessary to undertake the project. The parts list makes sure that everything can be gathered prior to disassembling the bike. Every project includes a tip, highlighting a key consideration. Finally, a brief description of the expected performance gain is stated. Some projects also include a listing of any complementary modifications to be considered.

Book Number: Motorbooks MW187

ISBN Number: 9780760313312