Balloons, Bleriots and Barnstormers (The History Press)


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Balloons, Bleriots and Barnstormers

This is the definitive history of recreational flying in the East Midlands. From its inception, aeronautics was often used as a public spectacle and exploited financially. This book sets out to demonstrate that the East Midlands, is truly representative of the progress of general aviation in England as a whole over two centuries. The history covers balloons for shows and sports, the pre-First World War period, women aviators, and Sir Alan Cobham up through private and small air taxi flying operations and Amy Johnson. This illustrated book enables the reader to feel the euphoria and frustrations of the flyers, and experience the same excitement as the people who actually witnessed their efforts.

Book Name: Balloons, Bleriots and Barnstormers (The History Press)

ISBN Number:  9780752445168