Blackburn / Bae Buccaneer (1958 – 1994) H6116


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Designed as a carrier-borne strike aircraft for the Royal Navy, the Blackburn/BAe Buccaneer eventually went on to serve with the RAF and the South African Air Force. Operating from Royal Navy aircraft carriers to deliver nuclear weapons and conventional ordnance, the Navy transferred its Buccaneers to the RAF in 1969 where they were used in the overland strike role, later seeing combat in Gulf War 1 in 1991. The last Buccaneers were retired from RAF service in 1994.

Author Keith Wilson gives compelling insights into the design, operation and preservation of this iconic Cold War jet.

Author: Keith Wilson is the author of Red Arrows in Camera (2012), RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight in Camera (2013), RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Operations Manual (2014), Avro Shackleton Manual (2015) and Vickers/BAC VC10 Manual (2016) for Haynes. He lives in Cambridgeshire.