BMW R850, 1100 & 1150 4-Valve Twins 1993-2006 (Mol3466)


BMW R850, 1100 & 1150 4-Valve Twins Repair Manual 1993-2006

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What’s covered

What’s covered:

R850R 848cc 95 – 06
R850R Comfort 848cc 04 – 06
R850GS 848cc 99 – 01
R1100GS 1085cc 94 – 00
R1150GS 1130cc 00 – 03
R1150GS Adventure 1130cc 02 – 06
R1100R 1085cc 95 – 01
R1150R 1130cc 01 – 06
R1150R Rockster 1130cc 03 – 05
R1100RS 1085cc 93 – 02
R1150RS 1130cc 02 – 04
R1100S/SS 1085cc 99 – 05
R1100RT 1085cc 96 – 01
R1150RT 1130cc 01 – 05

Table of contents

General Information
Chapter 1: Routine maintenance and servicing
Chapter 2: Engine, clutch and transmission
Chapter 3: Fuel and exhaust systems
Chapter 4: Ignition system
Chapter 5: Frame, suspension and final drive
Chapter 6: Brakes, wheels and tyres
Chapter 7: Bodywork
Chapter 8: Electrical systems
Wiring diagrams

Online manual

More details
Part number: MOL3466
Language: English
UPC: 038345034664

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The 850cc and 100cc engines have been used in numerous BMW bikes ever since they were launched back in 1993. They all use fuel injection and four-valve heads. There isn’t much that you can call a frame on most of them, the massive engine and gearbox castings are used as load-bearing members and have the front and rear suspension bolted to them. Both engines have proved to powerful, smooth and most importantly, reliable over the years. At Haynes, we have an extensive range of BMW repair manuals and online maintenance procedures available for professional mechanics and DIY car enthusiasts. Our repair manual for the BMW R850 and R1100 is here to help you through every stage of servicing or fixing your motorcycle.

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