How to Build Big-Inch Mopar Small Blocks (CarTech SA Design SA104)


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How to Build Big-Inch Mopar Small Blocks

by Jim Szilagyi 128 Pages 350 photos

At one time, if you wanted big horsepower in your Mopar muscle car or truck, your choices were limited to a big-block swap or a coveted Hemi. At the very least, you needed different engine mounts, K-members, transmissions, headers, etc. – and Hemis have never been cheap!

But now there’s another way to get more horsepower: boring and stroking your Mopar small-block to get more cubic inches – up to 476 cubes! The small-block Mopar is one of the easiest engines in which to increase displacement without extensive modifications or specialized machine work – the engine was practically designed for more cubes! This book shows you how to get that big-cube power, and then it shows you how to optimize the small-block’s other systems – induction, heads, valvetrain, ignition, exhaust, and more – to make the most of the extra cubic inches.

Author Jim Szilagyi is a Performance Specialist for Dodge Motorsports and Mopar Performance Parts. In this book he covers building big-inchers from Mopar 318/340/360 -ci LA or Magnum 5.2-/5.9-liter engines, using both factory and aftermarket parts. If you want to make big power from your Mopar small-block, this is the book for you.

Book Number: CarTech SA Design SA104

ISBN: 9781932494068