Corvette Buyer’s Guide 1953-1967 (MBI 310090)


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Corvette Buyer’s Guide 1953-1967

You will find this to be an essential tool for evaluating, and purchasing fine examples of this great American sports car. An unparalleled level of information, and data on each Corvette model built between 1953-1967 is provided, as is a basic history of each model, that points out strengths and weaknesses. “Garage Watch” offers knockout photography, to address various components of each model, and explains benefits and detractors. A “Table of Common Parts” will feature 20-30 common replacement parts and their prices. Another great feature contains, at least three excerpts from popular magazines on the Corvette. Also, a section includes revealing testimonials from vehicle owners about, owning and driving each car; a rating chat provides a quantitative measure of the car’s strong and weak points; and a specification table with an abbreviated option list for that particular model.

Book Number: MBI 310090

ISBN Number: 9780760310090