HaynesPro Lite Annual Subscription


The HaynesPro Lite includes the following features:

  • Maintenance Schedules (Time & Distance)
  • Adjustment Data (Torques Settings)
  • Lubricants & Fluids (Type & Quantity)
  • Repair Manuals (Remove & Refit)
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HaynesPro Lite – Annual Subscription

This module contains extensive identification, repair & maintenance information all at your disposal, aimed for the mechanic operating from home, small garages and mobile mechanics. Covering 85% of South Africans car park from the late 1990’s till the very latest models, with constant updates of new vehicles our coverage is always expanding.

The HaynesPro Lite provides users with four features which are listed below with a short tutorial video showcasing each feature:

Maintenance Schedules:

Would you like to maintain your vehicles to OEM specs? We have got you covered with time & distance depended service schedules, providing you with a detailed breakdown of replacement parts, lubricants and additional checks.


Adjustment Data:

Need to make any small adjustments? On one page we provide you with a vast amount of information from the position of the pollan filter to torque settings and everything in-between.


Lubricants & Fluids:

In this feature you will find detailed information on all the lubricants used in any vehicle, providing you with the type of fluid and how much is needed.


Repair Manuals:

Provides users with detailed step-by-step guide from safely removing/refitting a battery to a timing belt and more. This will also provide users with general information on air conditioning to airbags, interior and exterior.


Free Trial Available:

If you would like to test the system, we offer a free 7-day free trial. Click Here to send us an email, alternatively you can call us at 012 653-7155.