Honda CBR125R, CBR250R, CBR300R, CB300F & CRF250 2011-2018 (MOL5919)


Honda CBR125R, CBR250R, CBR300R, CB300F & CRF250 Repair Manual 2011-2018

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What’s covered

What’s covered:

CBR125RWB 2011
CBR125RD/RSD/RTD 2013-2017
CBR250RB/RAB 2011-2012
CBR250RD/RAD 2013-2014
CBR300RF/RAF 2015
CBR300RG/RAG 2016-2017
CRF250LD 2013
CRF250LE 2014
CRF250LF 2015-2016
CRF250LAH 2017-2018
CRF250ME 2014
CRF250MF 2015

CBR250R 2011-2013
CBR250RA 2011-2013
CBR300R 2015-2018
CBR300RA 2015-2018
CB300F 2015-2018
CB300FA 2017-2018
CRF250L 2013-2018

Table of contents

Identification numbers
Safety first
Pre-ride checks
Chapter 1 : Routine maintenance and servicing
Chapter 2A : Engine, clutch and transmission – CBR125
Chapter 2B : Engine, clutch and transmission – CBR250 and CRF250
Chapter 3 : Cooling system
Chapter 4 : Engine management system
Chapter 5 : Frame and suspension
Chapter 6 : Brakes, wheels and final drive
Chapter 7 : Bodywork
Chapter 8 : Electrical system
Wiring diagrams

Online manual

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Part number: MOL5919
Language: English
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