Jaguar XJR-9 (1985-1993) Haynes H6113


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The Jaguar XJR-OLM is renowned as the 1988 Le Mans winner. It was the first Jaguar to win the world’s most prestigious endurance race since 1957, and an estimated 50,000 British spectators were there to cheer the Tom Walkinshaw Racing Jaguar team in its hour of glory.

The XJR-9 was midway through a series of V12 Jaguars, starting with the XJR-6 in 1985, and finishing with the XJR-12 from 1990-93. All were powered by Jaguar’s production- based V12 engine.

The XJR-9 also won the 1988 Daytona 24 Hours, and its successor, the XJR-12, again won at both Le Mans and Daytona in 1990

The 12-cylinder XJR series of Group C and IMSA cars broke new ground in being built around immensely strong carbon-fibre monocoques designed by Tony Southgate, and the engines were race-tuned by TWR’s Allan Scott.

This manual covers the entire nine-year history of the XJR Jaguars, both in the World Championship and IMSA racing, and includes brief details of the V6 turbo and 3.5-litre V8 cars. The engaging text includes interviews with drivers Derek Warwick, Martin Brundle, Andy Wallace, Jan Lammers and Win Percy, plus engineers Tony Southgate, Allan Scott and Alastair Macqueen, while former Jaguar Cars boss, Sir John Egan, provides a foreword.

The XJR-9 story The stories of Jaguar racing and TWR. and how their partnership led to the highly successful XJR series of sports-racing cars

Design and development of the XJR series The engineering evolution of the XJR series of cars, from the 1985 XJR-6 to the 1991 XJR-14 and IMSA XJR-16 XJR series in action Details of all the races in which Jaguar XJRs competed from 1985 to 1993

Anatomy of the XJR-9 A fascinating look under the skin of the XJR-9, including details of the chassis, aerodynamics, engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and cockpit

The drivers Interviews and biographies for all the Jaguar XJR V12 race winners

Appendices Including XJR type numbers, outline histories of all 15 V12 chassis built by TWR, XJR series comparative data and full race results for V12 cars

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