Yamaha FJR1300 Service & Repair 2001-2013 (MOL5607)



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What’s covered:

FJR1300 1298cc 01 – 05
FJR1300A 1298cc 03 – 13
FJR1300AS 1298cc 06 – 12

Table of contents

Pre-ride checks
Chapter 1 : Routine maintenance and servicing
Chapter 2 : Engine, clutch and transmission
Chapter 3 : Cooling system
Chapter 4 : Engine management system
Chapter 5 : Frame and suspension
Chapter 6 : Brakes, wheels and final drive
Chapter 7 : Bodywork
Chapter 8 : Electrical system
Wiring diagrams

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Part number: MOL5607

Language: English

UPC: 699414011926

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The 2001 Yamaha FJ looked much more of a tourer than its ancestors but the dynamics were not too different. It was one of a class of tourers that followed a similar design ethos; lots of luxury, lots of toys to play with, and lots of presence. When the FJR1300 received the first of its two major upgrades in 2006 ABS became a standard fitting. However, there was a new option for the Gen-2 FJR – a semi-automatic gearbox. The one thing that has never changed on the FJR is the basic motor architecture. Back in 2001 it was at the cutting edge of class performance but the opposition has since out-powered the FJR. However, engine power is not all in this sector of the market and one of its features is strong brand and model loyalty. At Haynes, we have an extensive range of Yamaha repair manuals and online maintenance procedures available for professional mechanics and DIY car enthusiasts. Our Yamaha FJ repair manuals are here to help you through every stage of servicing or fixing your motorcycle.

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