Motorcycle Fuel Systems Techbook by John Robinson (Haynes 3514)


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Motorcycle Fuel Systems Techbook by John Robinson

Picture this: Spend a three day weekend stripping, cleaning, polishing and replacing hard to find parts on a 1979 motorcycle, it’s finally back together!! Some fresh clean fuel, choke & ignition on, and … it doesn’t start.
This book is a must have for motorcycle enthusiasts who are budding mechanics and need to refer to anything related to the fuel systems, which invariably cause the most frustrating and hard to diagnose faults!!
If like me you need to know a little more about motorcycle fuel systems (tuning, repair or maintenance) then this is the book for you, it explains so many intricate details about the entire fuel combustion process, specifically for motorcycle carbs/fuel injection. It’s very recent (Y2K), unlike some other Motorcycle Carb Manuals.
Technical data and details are presented clearly, there’s lots of diagrams and tips for anything from the oldest, most basic carbs to complex electronic fuel injected systems.

Book Number: Haynes 3514

ISBN: 9781859605141

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