Porsche 917 (1969 Onwards) Haynes H5765


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The Porsche 917 is, arguably, the most iconic of all endurance racing sportscars. During a brief period in the early 1970s, variants of the 917 design twice won the Le Mans 24 Hours, and dominated both the International Championship for Makes and the Can-Am series. Its successes, and its starring role in the Steve McQueen film Le Mans earned it legendary status.

This manual studies the Porsche 917 in all of its guises, exploring just why it has become a cult favourite. Included are a detailed examination of the car’s anatomy, illustrated with many photographs and original technical drawings, and unique new insight into the Gulf 917s, provided by former JW Engineering mechanic Alan Hearn. Many 917 drivers have shared their memories of the car, including Vic Elford, Hans Herrmann, Brian Redman, Richard Atwood, Derek Bell, Kurt Ahrens and Jackie Oliver

The business of buying and maintaining a Porsche 917 today is also examined, together with interviews with those involved, including current owners of such cars. The Can-Am cars – Spyder, 917/10 and 917/30 – are examined in a dedicated chapter, and outline histories are provided for all the 917 chassis to have been built.

This in-depth study of one of the most significant racing sportscars of all time is a must for all fans of motor racing, and provides a fascinating insight into a golden era of sportscar racing in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

  • The Porsche 917 story The car’s introduction, its first, troubled year and subsequent successes, the leading teams and the men behind the car.
  • Anatomy of the Porsche 917 Details of the car’s components and its development in endurance racing form.
  • The driver’s view Reminiscences from those who raced the cars, including members of the Gulf and Porsche Salzburg teams.
  • The mechanic’s view An insight into the work of a Gulf mechanic, plus details of race preparation and servicing.
  • Restoration and preserved examples Buying and owning a Porsche 917 today, insight from current owners.
  • The Can-Am 917s Sprint racing in the Can-Am and Interserie championships, including anatomy of the Spyder, 917/10 and 917/30
  • Individual chassis histories Outline histories of all the Porsche 917s built