Sportbike Performance Handbook 2nd Edition by Kevin Cameron (MBI 139325)


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Sportbike Performance Handbook 2nd Edition by Kevin Cameron

“To appoint yourself project leader on your own bike is exciting,” says Cycle World columnist and performance guru Kevin Cameron, “but then you need a plan that you can actually carry through.”  For a decade, Cameron’s bestselling Sportbike Performance Handbook has been helping readers and riders make those plans and put them into motion–building better, faster, more powerful bikes.  This new edition does everything the first did, and more, bringing bikers up to date on the dramatic changes that have swept sportbike technology in the past ten years.


Cameron goes deep inside the world of performance, offering usable insights into how systems work as well as how modifications and aftermarket trickery translate into more power and better handling on the street or at the track.  Component by component, he describes the secrets of speed in minute detail, all with added color photographs and new diagrams.   This edition covers changes to fuel management, suspension, tire technology, brake systems and more.  It is the essential tool for anyone looking to coax maximum performance from a sportbike.

Book Number: MBI 139325

ISBN: 9780760331835

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