The Camping Manual (Haynes H5137)


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The Camping Manual

I bought this and read it before heading to the camping shop to buy my first tent and associated equipment. The book means you can ask intelligent questions about what you want to buy but I’d still recommend visiting a shop where the people there can also offer advice.

This book is more about demystifying the jargon and equipment of camping rather than a guide you’ll come back to time and time again. I’m not knocking that but for a book to cover so many things it has to skim the surface of certain things.

If like me you think camping is something you’ll be investing in soon, you will find this book a good first step to working out what to buy, how not to destroy your tent the first time you use it and how to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Book Number: Haynes H5137

ISBN: 978057331373