Toyota 1G-E Engine (Factory 36203E)


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Toyota 1G-E Engine

GE, 7M-GTE manual repair, maintenance and operation of… by

The Toyota Motor Corporation G-family engine is a family of straight-6 piston engines produced from 1979 to 2006. It is notable in that only a single displacement, 2.0 L (1,988 cc), was produced in this series. All were belt-driven OHC non-interference engines (except the VVT-i version in the Lexus IS200 which is an interference engine), with multivalve DOHC (except the 1G-EU SOHC 12 valve engine) and even variable valve timing added later. The 1G-GEU was Toyota’s first four-valve twincam engine.[1] A prototype version of the 1G-GEU called the LASREα–X, featuring twin-turbos, variable valve timing and intake as well as variable displacement, was fitted to the Toyota FX-1 show car at the 1983 Tokyo Motor Show. It showcased a number of technologies which were later to become commonplace

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