TVR : All the Cars by Iain Ayre A Model-by-Models History of TVR (Haynes H4100)


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TVR : All the Cars by Iain AyreA Model-by-Models History of TVR

This is a complete model-by-model guide to all the cars produced by Blackpool-based TVR, from the earliest ‘specials’ built in the early 1950s by founder Trevor Wilkinson to the latest muscular supercars. TVRs have always stood out from the crowd, as much for their innovation as for their spectacular styling. In this smartly designed book, written by an obsessive TVR enthusiast, each model is described and illustrated, with details of development, evolution and specifications – and along the way the sometimes subtle differences between variants are untangled. This book is essential reading for all TVR enthusiasts and sports car fans.

Book Number: Haynes H4100

ISBN: 9781844251001