OEM Technical Data

for small and home-based businesses.


In the past South African small businesses have made use of the information that they obtained from the Auto Data Digest manual, in order to repair their cars to manufactures specifications.  This manual was discontinued in the late 1990’s.

Due to the nature of car repairs in South Africa, we have spoken to HaynesPro in order to fill the gap for accurate technical OEM data at an affordable price. Therefore “HaynesPro Lite” was born. This product is aimed at small and home-based business, offers users necessary information like Torque Settings, Repair manuals, Maintenance Schedules and more

Now an online system allows you to access the information from any device with an internet connection.


Who Are We?

For over 20 years we have been trusted to supplied South Africans with maintenance and repair information for most from Cars to Motorcycles to Tractors and everything in between.

Our most popular product is the Haynes repair manuals which give step-by-step instructions to do maintenance and basic to complicated repairs on your vehicle, scroll down for more information on Haynes printed and online manuals.

For automotive repair workshops we offer HaynesPro Workshopdata, Technical and Electrical information is all included for most of South African vehicles. Here is the link to the WorkshopPro website

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