Body Transformation (Haynes H5513)


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We live in a world where the body beautiful is a thing to aspire to. Hollywood movies, glossy magazines and local gyms all make us feel self-conscious and somewhat lacking, yet most of us have no idea how to really go about achieving a figure or physique to be proud of. The simple truth is that the task is challenging and exercise is actually only about one-third of the battle. This manual gives you the information to get the exercise bit right, as well as how to manage the nutrition, sleep and stress that goes into the other, arguably more important, two-thirds.

  • A complete step-by-step workout plan.
  • Basic nutritional information to help you understand what you really need.
  • Explanation of when and what to eat to maximise fat loss and muscle gain.
  • Advice, tips and experience from a top London trainer.
  • Male and female specifics.
  • Proven methods from the author, and his pointers on the best methods utilised by others.
  • Kit and equipment needed.
  • Weight-training protocols explained.
  • Interval training (HIIT) over slow runs (LISS) explained.

Sean Lerwill is an ex-Royal Marines Commando Physical Training Instructor, international cover model, Maxinutrition ambassador, celebrity trainer and author of three Haynes manuals on fitness. He has written for numerous fitness publications and recently won the Maximuscle protein project, obtaining the best 12-week body transformation’ from his ‘average Joe’ Ollie, as voted for by the public and a celebrity panel.