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The thunder you hear on Wednesday and Saturday nights just might be the rumble of drag racing, as hundreds of thousands of competitors line up at the nation’s drag strips to “run whatcha brung.” They’re here to “bracket race,” to run against the clock in drag racing’s most popular and fastest growing class. Unlike the multimillion-dollar budgets required to build and maintain Top Fuel and Funny Cars, bracket race cars range from street-legal cars with basic safety equipment to mildly modified, relatively inexpensive race cars-making the sport accessible to anyone with a modest budget. From NHRA and IHRA national events to local car shows and club meets, husbands, wives, teenagers, and people from all walks of life are “dialing in” and doing their best to avoid “breaking out.”

Bracket Racing is essentially a basic guide to getting started on the road to bracket racing success, whether you’re an outright beginner or old-time pro. Newcomers to the sport are given the background on class rules, technical specifications, and basic bracket-class structure and racing format to get started. The relationship between elapsed time, reaction time and top speed is discussed in detail. Novices and experienced drivers alike will benefit from track tuning with tire pressures, weight and adjusting for weather conditions; choosing and maintaining equipment; safety considerations; dialing in and much more. A complete section on driving offers techniques on burnouts, late and deep staging, launching, and how to avoid running under, breaking out and redlighting. Drag racing is one of the country’s fastest growing forms of motorsport, and each year thousands of fans leave the bleachers to test their mettle on the drag strip. Bracket racing, with its low cost and accessibility, is truly a racing class for everyone