Citroën GS, GSA (1971-1981) Repair Manual (Autobooks OWM861)


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Autobooks OWM861

CITROEN GS, GSA (1971-1981)


This is a second hand manual : Fair Condition

Models Covered:

Citroen GS Club (71-81)

Citroen GS Confort (71-74)

Citroen GS Super Confort (72-74)

Citroen G Special (74-81)

Citroen GSX (75-75)

Citroen GSX2 (75-78)

Citroen GS Pallas (74-80)

Citroen GSA Club (80-81)

Citroen GSA Pallas (80-81)

Citroen GSA Special (1981)


1015cc 4-cylinder petrol

1222cc 4-cylinder petrol

1130cc 4-cylinder petrol

1299cc 4-cylinder petrol

* Easy to follow step-by-step instructions

* Substantial Cost savings

* Lavishly illustrated

* Detailed Repair and Servicing data

* Fault Diagnosis

* You can ensure that the job gets done properly

* Loads of hints and Tips

* Contains Glossary of terms and an Alphabetical Index