Haynes Classic Make Series Lamborghini Supercars from Sant’agata (Haynes H4094)


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Haynes Classic make series Lamborghini Supercars from Santágata

When the 495bhp Gallardo was launched in 2004, motoring journalists were impressed – this stylish supercar combined the ferocity of Lamborghini with the polish and practicality of Audi and, being lower in price, it did not scorch the wallet quite as much as its bigger brother, the Murcielago.

Lamborghinis have always quickened the pulse, of course, and this book shows why. Packed with model analysis, driving impressions, technical specifications, buying hints, personal anecdotes and sumptuous photographs, it tells the story of this exotic marque, from the peasant background of founder Ferruccio Lamborghini, to its burning ambition to beat Ferrari in the manufacture of supercars.

Book Number: Haynes H4094

ISBN: 9781844250943