Corvette C5 Performance Projects 1997 – 2004 by Richard Newton (MBI MW 137)


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Corvette C5 Performance Projects 1997 – 2004

With the new C6 on the market, C5’s are becoming more affordable and will be modified in greater numbers by style- and performance-minded owners. Corvettes in general, have always been ideal for customizing and performance upgrades and the C5 is no exception. To date, C5 “how-to” information has been only available in enthusiast magazines. This book, a first-of-its-kind, features a detailed presentation on how to customize a C5’s appearance with custom bodywork and alterations. It also walks C5 owners through a variety of performance modifications and shows how to efficiently execute several maintenance projects.

Book Number: MBI MW 137

ISBN: 9780760320815