Engine Management Systems EEC IV, EEC V & Weber Marelli IAW Manual (Haynes 3746)


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Model identification, VIN and engine codes,component location,Technical data and wiring diagrams,

Self-diagnosis and fault codes,covers the EEC IV,DCL (ÉEC IV 1/2′) and Weber Marelli IAW engine management

and fuel injection systems fitted to the following petrol-engined Ford cars and vans:

Cougar, Courier, Escourt (including Cosworth), Explorer, Fiesta, Focus, Granada, Galaxy,), Transit.

Ford EEC IV and EEC V systems are also fitted to the following non-Ford vehicles:

Mazda 212, Morgan 4/4 1.8i

TVR S (2.9),S2C, S3C and S4C.

Book Number: Haynes 3746

ISBN: 9781859607466