Formula 1 in Camera 1970 – 1979 (Haynes H960)


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Formula 1 in Camera 1970 – 1979

Amongst the triumphs and tragedies of F1 in the decade that began on 1st January 1970 and expired on 31st December 1979 none has remained so much in the public’s conscience as the rise and fall of James Hunt and the survival of his briefly arch rival Niki Lauda. No two drivers could ever have appeared so diametrically different, the tall, languid, drawling, slightly bohemian English public school boy and the small, boyish but very determined Austrian who borrowed money he could not afford to expedite his entry in F1. Both succeeded, the former by dint of talent and panache ultimately undermined by his louche lifestyle, the latter also by talent but also attention to detail and self belief, which enabled him to come back from retirement in 1979 to win a third World Championship in 1984. This despite his terrifying fiery accident in 1976 and permanently scarred visage. They remain unique in an age of technological sterility and conformity and can be seen in their pomp in F1 in Camera 1970-79 and its companion Volume 2 Edition.

Book Number: Haynes H960

ISBN: 9781859609606