Red-Hot Rivals (Haynes H4412)


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Red-Hot Rivals (Haynes H4412)

Ferrari vs. Maserati – epic clashes for supremacy

By: Karl Ludvigsen

Twelve miles apart, in Italy’s Reggio Emilia region, two small yet intensely dedicated companies built great racing cars and battled each other for supremacy on circuits throughout the world. The fierce rivalry between Ferrari and Maserati was at its peak during the 1950s, when both went all-out to compete in Grands Prix and sports-car racing. Their feud helped keep Italy at the forefront of motorsport for several decades. It also laid the foundation for the recent racing resurgence of both Ferrari and Maserati. Karl Ludvigsen chronicles the drama, personalities, crises and casualties of this famous home-town rivalry.

Drama, personalities, crises and casualties Daily Sport

Photographic reproduction is very good for the book’s modest price Octane

Hardback, 280 x 230mm, 336 pages, 425 b&w illustrations

ISBN : 9781844254125

Book No : H4412