Healthy Eating Manual (Haynes H5062)


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Every day we are bombarded with information about so-called ‘superfoods’, best-ever diets and what we should eat. Covering all ages from children to the elderly, Healthy Eating explains the principles of good nutrition and how to achieve them in the 21st Century – even when time and money may be short. It includes information on all types of food and drinks, intolerances, allergies, weight problems, eating at different stages of your life, shopping tips and storing food– all presented in a practical, easy-to-follow way.

  • Body fuel – the nutrients we need, and why.
  • The nuts and bolts of a healthy diet – an introduction to the food we should eat.
  • Key nutritional ‘must haves’ for the different stages of life, including pregnancy.
  • Food and health – eating for energy, food and stress, eating for good digestion, and how nutrition can help to fight disease.
  • The weighty subject – why we put on weight, and how to lose it. Cravings explained, and how to snack healthily. No fad diets, just advice you can use.
  • Practical ways to eat a healthy diet, including meal ideas, smart store cupboards, supermarket intelligence (including how to read the labels) and healthy eating when you’re out and about.
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