Hillclimbing and Sprinting – The Essential Manual (Veloce V4103)


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Hillclimbing and Sprinting – The Essential Manual

Hillclimbing & Sprinting collectively known as Speed Eventing is one of the most popular ways of getting into UK motor sport. The events are accessible, straightforward & inexpensive, yet are held in an informal, friendly but competitive atmosphere. Some 400 such events take place in the UK each year, with on average more than 100 competitors on each. This book shows competitors how to get started and how to improve their skills, together with where to find the events and detailed driving advice on the top courses. There is even advice on trailers do you need one? The authors have interviewed a wide range of drivers, from the Clubman who drives to and from events, through mid-range competitors, including a lady, a disabled driver and an octogenarian, right up to the current hillclimb champion, as well as some of the many officials who make this sport possible. This title offers a veritable gold mine of information.

Book Number: Veloce V4103