Honda CR Motocross Bikes (Haynes 2222)


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What’s covered

What’s covered:

CR80R 82cc 86 – 02
CR80RB Expert 82cc 96 – 02
CR85R 84cc 03 – 07
CR85RB Expert 84cc 03 – 07
CR125R 124cc 86 – 07
CR250R 249cc 86 – 07
CR500R 491cc 86 – 01

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Part A: Tune-up and routine maintenance CR80R/85R and CR125
Chapter 1: Part B: Tune-up and routine maintenance CR250R and CR500R
Chapter 2: Part A: Engine, clutch and transmission CR80R/85R and CR125
Chapter 2: Part B: Engine, clutch and transmission CR250R and CR500R
Chapter 3: Part A: Cooling system CR80R/85R and CR125
Chapter 3: Part B: Cooling system CR250R and CR500R
Chapter 4: Part A: Fuel and exhaust systems CR80R/85R and CR125
Chapter 4: Part B: Fuel and exhaust systems CR250R and CR500R
Chapter 5: Part A: Ignition system CR80R/85R and CR125
Chapter 5: Part B: Ignition system CR250R and CR500R
Chapter 6: Part A: Steering, suspension and final drive CR80R/85R and CR125
Chapter 6: Part B: Steering, suspension and final drive CR250R and CR500R
Chapter 7: Part A: Brakes, wheels and tires CR80R/85R and CR125
Chapter 7: Part B: Brakes, wheels and tires CR250R and CR500R
Chapter 8: Part A: Frame and bodywork CR80R/85R and CR125
Chapter 8: Part B: Frame and bodywork CR250R and CR500R
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