How to Keep your Collector Car Alive by Josh B. Malks (MBW 265)


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How to Keep your Collector Car Alive by Josh B. Malks

When you own a collector car, you want to spend a little time in the garage and a lot of time out on the road enjoying your ride.  In How to Keep Your Collector Car Alive author Josh Malks offers expert advice to help you maintain that balance.  This book offers practical instructions, handy tips, and down-to-earth solutions for all the real day-to-day challenges owning a collector car presents–whether it’s keeping seals from drying and fluids from congealing while the car’s in storage, or fighting rust and preserving a finish, or converting to modern electrical or fluid systems.  With color photos and useful diagrams throughout  and information on the latest products and techniques, this handy reference is an essential tool for any everyone who wants to keep their collector car alive.

Book Number: MBW 265

ISBN: 9780760332900

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