How to Rebuild and Modify your Muscle Car by Jason Scott (MBI 139851)


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How to Rebuild and Modify your Muscle Car by Jason Scott

As cool as classic muscle cars might be, they’re only as good as the automotive technology of their era. That’s where this book comes in. With clear, easy-to-follow instructions, this guide shows how to give your car all the muscle of today while preserving the classic styling of your muscle car.

In this updated and fully illustrated edition of his popular handbook, veteran overhauler and automotive writer Jason Scott takes readers through the step-by-step improvements that will add more power, style, and handling capability to any classic muscle car.

Full-color photos accompany Scott’s detailed instructions, covering bodywork and interior restoration, engine enhancements, transmission and axle swaps, suspension, steering, chassis and brake upgrades as well as many other changes that will restore-or maintain-a muscle cars identity while making it perform as if it were built only yesterday.

Book Number: MBI 139851

ISBN: 9780760327753

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