How to Repair your Pickup or SUV by Paul Brand (MBI 145584)


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How to Repair your Pickup or SUV by Paul Brand

SUV may stand for “Sport Utility Vehicle,” but it is the vehicle of choice for everyone from the soccer mom to the hunter to the small-business person. Whether confronting wild terrain or suburban sprawl, these daily drivers require regular maintenance to keep them in top form. This book, by straight-talking author and auto-show host Paul Brand, gives readers all the information they need to keep their SUVs and pickups running smoothly. With 50 step-by-step projects, all clearly illustrated with detailed photographs, How to Repair Your Pickup or SUV covers every aspect of car care for these vehicles, from basic fluid and brake replacement to engine and transmission maintenance. Though some of the book’s projects cover general vehicle maintenance, most are specific to pickups and SUVs, such as those focusing on suspension and wheel/SUV upgrades, bedliners, trailer hitches, and more.

Book Number: MBI 145584

ISBN: 9780760333204