KTM EXC Enduros & SX Motocross sohc 4-stroke 2000-2007 (MOL4629)


KTM EXC Enduros & SX Motocross sohc 4-stroke 2000-2007

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What’s covered:

250EXC sohc 4-stroke 250cc 02 – 06
400EXC sohc 4-stroke 398cc 00 – 07
450EXC sohc 4-stroke 449cc 03 – 07
520EXC sohc 4-stroke 510cc 00 – 02
525EXC sohc 4-stroke 510cc 03 – 07
400SX sohc 4-stroke 398cc 00 – 02
450SX sohc 4-stroke 449cc 03 – 06
520SX sohc 4-stroke 510cc 00 – 02
525SX sohc 4-stroke 510cc 03 – 06
Includes Supermoto SMR/SMC versions and MXC/XC Enduros

Table of contents

Pre-ride checks
Chapter 1 : Routine maintenance and servicing
Chapter 2 : Engine, clutch and transmission
Chapter 3 : Cooling system
Chapter 4 : Fuel and exhaust systems
Chapter 5 : Ignition system
Chapter 6 : Frame and suspension
Chapter 7 : Brakes, wheels and final drive
Chapter 8 : Bodywork
Wiring diagrams

More details
Part number: MOL4629
Language: English

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