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Motorcycle Electrical Techbook Haynes Online Manual (Mol3471)


Motorcycle Electrical Techbook Haynes Online Manual

This manual is not a printed product, nor a PDF or a Download. Valid for 36 months

Product description

Complete coverage of Motorcycle Electrics

NB: this is not a printed product.

With Haynes Manuals Online you get all the trusted content of a printed Haynes Owners Workshop Manual but with additional features to help you get the job done.

Haynes takes DIY into the digital age with this new product which provides the following benefits:

  • All-colour photographs with approx. 1,000 featuring in each product.
  • Photos can be enlarged so you can view key details.
  • All-colour wiring diagrams to help track problems quickly and easily.
  • Easy search functionality featuring ‘instant display’.
  • Dictionary of technical terms.
  • Hyperlinks to additional relevant information in other manual chapters.
  • Quick links are provided to take you to the most popular DIY tasks.
  • Fault finding section allowing you to quickly ascertain the cause of a particular problem.
  • Conversion calculator for imperial and metric units.
What’s covered:

Ignition and combustion explained
Spark plug types and construction
Ignition : Magnetos, coil and battery, CDI, transistor and digital
Fuel injection and engine management
Alternators, DC generators and starters
Lighting and signalling
Braking and traction control systems
Electrical fault finding
Practical testing and test equipment

Table of contents

Chapter 1 : The complete system
Chapter 2 : Electrical Basics
Chapter 3 : Ignition and combustion
Chapter 4 : Ignition – Coil and Battery
Chapter 5 : Ignition – Magnetos
Chapter 6 : Ignition – Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI)
Chapter 7 : Ignition – Transistor and Digital Ignition
Chapter 8 : Fuel injection
Chapter 9 : Engine management
Chapter 10 : Spark plugs
Chapter 11 : Charging – direct current (DC) generators
Chapter 12A : Charging – flywheel alternators
Chapter 12B : Charging – single phase alternators
Chapter 12C : Charging – three-phase alternators
Chapter 13 : Batteries
Chapter 14 : Lighting and signalling
Chapter 15 : Starter motors
Chapter 16 : Circuits and system components
Chapter 17 : Braking and traction control ( ABS and TCS)
Chapter 18 : Testing and fault finding

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Part number: MOL3471
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Language: English