Mustang Performance Handbook by William R. Mathis (HPBooks 1193)


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Mustang Performance Handbook by William R. Mathis

By: William R. Mathis .

The Mustang Performance Handbook is a comprehensive resource designed to help you modify your Mustang’s 5.0-liter engine and drivetrain for maximum performance. Hundreds of photographs and drawings enable you to custom-build your 5.0-liter engine for any performance application, from high-performance street to drag racing, road racing and autocross. The latest bolt-on hardware from Ford Motorsport and other popular manufacturers is further described in detail to help you select the proper combination of components.
You’ll also find sections on camshafts, cylinder heads, fuel injection, computer modifications, intake, exhaust and ignition systems. Power adders, such as nitrous oxide and superchargers, are discussed in depth to help you select and install the best system to suit your performance needs. Sections on strengthening the transmission, clutches and differentials are included to help get your Mustang’s power to the ground.

The Mustang Performance Handbook is an essential guide to unleashing the power potential of your 5.0-liter engine. Add it to your automotive library today!

Book Number: HPBooks 1193

ISBN: 075478011933