Peugeot 504 Diesel 1974 – 1980 (Haynes 0663) Second Hand Manual


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Peugeot 504 Diesel 1974 – 1980

This is a SECOND Hand Manual.

Officially unveiled on 16 May 1979,[7] the 505 was the replacement for the 504 with which it shared many of its underpinnings.[8] It was originally available as a sedan/saloon, a station wagon/estate, including an eight-passenger Familiale version, were introduced at the 1982 Geneva Motor Show.[9] The styling, a collaboration between Pininfarina and Peugeot’s internal styling department, is very similar to that of the smaller 305.[8] The original interior was designed by Paul Bracq, generally more well known for his work for Mercedes-Benz and BMW.[10] It is known as the “Work Horse” of Africa today.[citation needed]

After initially being produced only in left-hand drive form for its first few months, the 505 was available in right-hand drive form for the UK market from October 1979. Its best selling competitor in the UK was the Ford Granada.

Book Number : Haynes 0663

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