Renault 20 1976 – 1984 (Haynes 0477) Second Hand Manual


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Renault 20 1976 – 1984 (Haynes 0477)

This is a SECOND Hand Manual.


  • October 1975 – Introduction of the Renault 20, in L, TL and GTL specifications, with the smaller four-cylinder 1647 cc (90 PS (66 kW)) engine and 4-speed gearbox. All three variations of the R20 had two rectangular headlights instead of the four round ones like on the R30 TS. The L had very basic trim and no hubcaps. The TL had a better equipment level, while the GTL had much the same equipment level as the TS. Automatic transmission was optional on the R20 TL and R20 GTL. Quartz Iodide Headlights optional on all R20 models.
  • 1976 – The 1647 cc engine from the R20 had the power rating increased to 96 PS (71 kW).
  • Late 1977/early 1978 – The R20 L was dropped from the range because of slow sales, its presence was only justified by its price. All models got a restyled instrument panel visor. The R30 TS had its power dropped from 130 to 125 PS (96 to 92 kW). Optional steel wheels with Michelin TRX tyres.
  • July 1977 – Introduction of the R20 TS. It had a new 1,995 cc engine (rated at 109 PS (80 kW)), with the choice of a 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic gearbox. The equipment level remained largely the same as the R20 GTL.

Book Number: Haynes 0477

ISBN: 038345004773