Rover 2000, 2200 1963 – 1976 (Autodata 237) Second Hand Manual


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Rover 2000, 2200 1963 – 1976

This is a SECOND Hand Manual

The 2000 was advanced for the time with a de Dion tube suspension at the rear, four-wheel disc brakes (inboard on the rear), and a fully synchromesh transmission. The unibody design featured non-stressed panels bolted to a unit frame, inspired by the Citroën DS. The de Dion set-up was unique in that the “tube” was in two parts that could telescope, thereby avoiding the need for sliding splines in the drive shafts, with consequent stiction under drive or braking torque, while still keeping the wheels vertical and parallel in relation to the body.

Book Number: Autodata 237

ISBN: 0856660108