Sexual Health (Haynes H4808)


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Keep your sex life in perfect running order and maintain its value. Haynes shows you how.

Few people will admit to a lack of expertise when it comes to sex, but, as with driving, there’s always scope to improve on the basic technique.

And also as with driving, sex is an activity that brings pleasure when skilfully exercised but can be dangerous if the risks are ignored.

As you would expect from Haynes, Sexual Health contains detailed explanations of how the relevant parts work and fit together, what happens if they don’t, and what you can do about it. There are answers to questions that you may never have thought of asking and down-to-earth advice on everything from HRT to S&M. No previous knowledge is assumed and no qualifications are needed, although a willing partner would be an asset.

Besides helping you become a great lover, this manual will enable you to maintain your tackle in optimum condition, prevent corrosion of vital parts and understand your partner’s desires.

  • Step-by-step instructions for safer and more enjoyable sex.
  • Unique advice on sex in cars, backed up by real-life stories.
  • Written from hands-on experience by a well-known healthcare professional.
  • Colour fault-finding charts for fast diagnosis of sex-related conditions.