Singer Gazelle Series I, II, IIA and IIIA (WSM 117/2)


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Singer Gazelle Series I, II, IIA and IIIA

More updates of the Singer Gazelle appeared between 1958-60, starting with the IIA in 1958. The new Gazelle model now had the Hillman Minx pushrod engine which measured 1494cc. The new engine was more economical than the old Singer ohc unit that it replaced and improved the fuel consumption considerably.

The 1958-59 Gazelle III introduced improved front seats, the 1959-60 Mk IIIA had revised rear styling and a twin-carb engine. In 1960 a Gazelle IIIB appeared and introduced further improvements including a hypoid rear axle.

Buyers Guide Singer Gazelle 1956 – 1967

Book Number: WSM 117/2

ISBN: 66600770