Sorry Officer, I thought you wanted to dice!


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Sorry Officer, I thought you wanted to dice!

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Clive Strugnell was born and bred in Johannesburg. His passion was marketing, and has been

active in this field for most of his career. Clive was very well known in the

World of Motorcycling, and ‘was often referred to as “Mr Suzuki” for his long

association with that brand, both in South Africa and abroad.  He organised

an annual pilgrimage to the Isle of Man TT for South African enthusiasts

which had even drawn the attention of the Isle of Man Tourism Board. He was

a quilified multi engine pilot, a black belt karateka, a past provincial off

road motorcycle champions, a regular contributor to many local and

international motorcycle and motoring publications, and a very enthusiastic

amateur historian, particularly of the Anglo Boer war. For relaxation he could be

found most weekends out and about on his superbike in the bush on

an off road bike. Writing a book was something he always wanted to do,

and this was his first and last….

Book Number: Clive Strugnell

ISBN: 9780620504256