Teenager Manual (Haynes H4852)


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As children approach their teens, family relationships go through big changes. Nothing that precedes the onset of adolescence prepares you for dealing with the process of moving from dependent, loving and accepting child to stroppy know-it-all teenager.

This manual will help parents understand and | adapt to these changes, keeping their family relationships strong while at the same time allowing their children more freedom to learn for themselves.

How do you talk to them about puberty, sex, and relationships? How much freedom do you give and when? How do you make sure that school or college work don’t suffer as the attractions of the peer group and its culture take over? What do you say about underage drinking and smoking? And, most importantly, how do you deal with all these issues while remaining on good terms?

All these questions are answered with a clear, down-to-earth approach, written by an expert with practical experience.

  • What parents can expect.
  • Your adolescent’s physical development.
  • Teenagers’ emotions.
  • Friends and social life.
  • Your teenager’s health and wellbeing.
  • Encouraging good behaviour.
  • Family matters – family changes, siblings, step-families.
  • Damage-limitation strategies for drink, drugs and sex.
  • Education, earning and independence.