The Sports Car Book (Haynes H4325)


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As an antidote to motoring mediocrity, there’s nothing more tempting than a two-seater open-top sports car. Whether it’s a classic from the Sixties, a used example from the Nineties or a brand new model that’s top of your shopping list, ownership of a sports car is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

But which sports cars make the best buys – and what are the pitfalls of buying, owning, maintaining and running your very own sportster? In The Sports Car Book, Paul Guinness examines the whole sports car scene, from choosing the model that best suits your needs to buying the finest example for your money.

Nothing goes, handles or entertains quite like a decent sports car. Make the right choice, and you’ll be having more fun than you ever thought possible. It all starts right here.