Vacuum Diagrams 1980 – 1986 Import Cars Automobile Repair (Chilton 7822)


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Vacuum Diagrams 1980 – 1986 Import Cars Automobile Repair

Chilton’s Maxi-manuals are natural companions to its model-specific repair manuals. These manuals offer more in-depth and specialized automotive information on specific operation systems. Written especially for the do-it-yourselfer, these manuals deal with topics such as air conditioning, automatic transmissions, engine rebuilding, and power accessories. Each system is fully covered for all manufacturers and model years indicated. They serve the needs of the dedicated do-it-your-selfer. For each system, these manuals provide fundamentals, theory, troubleshooting, detailed diagnostics, and overhaul procedures. As always, the Chilton name is your customer’s guarantee of comprehensive information and reliability.

Book Number: Chilton 7822

ISBN: 9780801978227