Volkswagen Beetle : Enthusiast Guide by Jonathan Harvey (Haynes H4434)


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Volkswagen Beetle : Enthusiast Guide by Jonathan Harvey

This is the complete book covering Volkswagen’s legendary Beetle – written by experts and long-term owners – with the aim of informing and inspiring everyone from the rank-beginner to the long-term enthusiast. The Beetle’s pivotal role in the transformation of Volkswagen from a former Nazi-owned operation to a symbol of economic regeneration is carefully outlined. The Beetle’s continuous production run from 1945 to 2003 is highlighted, with pertinent details of the more important changes made to its specification over the years being carefully recorded. The popular Karmann Cabriolet version of the Beetle is also included. The authors explain how to buy the ideal Beetle, and provide a guide to its subsequent care and maintenance. Modifying a Beetle with a larger engine, lowered suspension, cosmetic changes and interior refurbishment is also outlined.

About the Author:

Jonathan Harvey is a VW enthusiast with huge knowledge of the marquee as well as a collection of vehicles and memorabilia. He is also a member of the Historic VW club and judges at many events as well as contributing articles to many of the VW magazines. Jonathan Harvey lives in Yeovil, Somerset, England.

Book Number: Haynes H4434

ISBN: 9781844254347

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